ABBA – Mamma Mia (Group Tab)

I decided to write up this song after it cropped up in my post on augmented chords. And it quickly became obvious it would have to be a group arrangement. It’s impressively constructed. For most arrangements I can remove a few bits without losing too much. But all the parts here seem essential to the song.

Vocal Part

Vocal Part Tab

Nothing too challenging in the vocal part (top left of the video). I’m using fingerpicking but you could easily use a pick for the same arrangement. And a pick would help this part stand out if you’re playing in a group.

Piano Part

Piano Part Tab

This is the most challenging part (top right of the video) and uses both fingerpicking and strumming. You fingerpick in the quieter sections and switch to strumming in the loud bits. Tip: if all four strings are played at once it’s strummed, if it’s three or less it’s picked.

Guitar/Strings Part

Guitar/Strings Part Tab

My favourite part to play (bottom left of the video). As well as the great lick in the intro, it gives you a chance to rock out on the big chords in bridge section. To fill out the sound, I’ve used different inversions of the chords.

Marimba Part

Marimba Part Tab

This part (bottom right of the video) starts and ends harmonizing the opening guitar riff. Between that it’s based on the marimba part in the song. Playing the piano riff an octave higher in the bridge and partially following the vocals in the chorus. There’s a lot of empty space in this part. So if you’re playing as part of a group this part could join in with the chords in the bridge section.

Bass Part

Bass Part Tab

I’m playing this part on guitar because my place is too small to contain a bass. But you can play this part exactly as written on bass.

Percussion Part

Just to add some percussive sounds I’m playing a uke with all the strings muted. At the start of the verse I use this strumming pattern:

d u D U d u D U

That part drops out for chorus and follows the rhythm of the strummed chords for the big chords in the bridge.

Backing Track

For those – like me – who have no friends, here’s a backing track you can play the melody along with.

Backing track


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