6 Easy Blues Outros in C

This post is adapted from my How to Play Blues Ukulele ebook. So if you like these there’s a whole lot more to learn in there.

As always, I highly recommend using this as a jumping off point. Play around with these shapes and ideas and see what you can come up with.

Outro #1

The first outro starts with a C7 chord followed by chromatically descending notes on the g- and E-strings. Then finishing off with a move from G7 to C.

Outro #2

Outro 2 takes the same idea and plays it in a fingerpicking style.

augmented G chord.

Outro #3

Outro 3 also starts with a C7 chord. But this time it’s the G7 chord shape moved up the neck and is moved one a fret each beat.

Outro #4

Outro 4 takes a fingerpicking approach to the same idea. It again finishes on a G7 – C move but this time with the D7 shape moved up the fretboard and a closing C note rather than chord.

Outro #5

Outro 5 takes the same concept and changes up the notes. Starting with a C and its minor third (Eb) then moving chromatically downwards. This time ending on Bb7 – C move.

Outro #6

Outro 6 takes a different approach. Instead of being built around chord shapes, it’s built around the C blues scale.

If you enjoyed those, there are loads more like it in How to Play Blues Ukulele.

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