Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved (Chords and Tab)

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved (Chords)

You can’t move for I’m Yours chord progressions in the charts at the moment. Those are I V vi IV progressions to give them the technical definition. On ukulele that’s usually either G-D-Em-C or C-G-Am-F. And if you put a capo on the first fret, the later is exactly what you get from Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved.

The main reason I wrote up this song is that it makes for a great introduction to fingerpicking. The picking pattern is dead simple and the easy chords mean you can focus on your picking hand.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

If you’d rather strum than pick, you can use this pattern once per chord almost all the way through:

d – d – d u d u

The only exception is in the middle. There when you reach the first G play the pattern as normal. Then stay on the G for two more down-strums. Then switch to Am for dudu. Before returning to the pattern for Dm.

Twiddly Bits

The picking pattern is very simple and a great place for beginners to start. You pick the E-string with your index finger at the same time as picking the A-string with your middle finger (except at the end of the pattern where you just pick the E-string. Then you pluck the C-string with your thumb. And you just repeat that for the whole song.

The tab above matches the piano part as closely as possible. But you can just use the same picking pattern with the standard chord shapes and it sounds just as good. Like this:

Picking Pattern

And you can continue that through the middle section (just remember to extend the G chord an extra half a bar).

Middle Picking


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