The Strokes – Hard to Explain (Tabs and Chords)

The Strokes – Hard to Explain (Chords)

The new song from The Strokes has got me very excited for the new album. So much so I decided to tackle a song from their debut and got carried away. As well as the chords, I’ve written up a bit of group arrangement of the song as well.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

I play down-up strums the whole way through the song. But if you want to be more authentic you can use double-time down-strums.

Group Arrangement

Hard to Explain (Lead Tab)

The group arrangement is made up of four parts. Firstly, the chords are exactly the same as above. Next is the lead part. This is closely based on the lead guitar song but with a few octave changes so it all fits on uke. This is the part to give to the Flash Harrys in your group.

Hard to Explain (Melody Baritone Tab)

Next is the melody part which I’m playing on baritone ukulele. Because the melody line and the lead guitar part match each other so much, I wanted to create separation between them. Using the baritone means that they’re an octave apart and create a fuller sound. Which I think works particularly well in the chorus.

Finally, there’s the bass part. Which I play, inexpertly, on guitar. It’s all played on the bottom four strings so you can transfer it directly to bass ukulele (or bass guitar if that’s your kink). Here’s the tab for that.


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