Friday Links: Dominator Tabs

If you’ve been around the ukulele world a while, you’ll be familiar with Dominic ‘Dominator’ Pieranunzio’s ukulele tabs. They were a great resource so it was a bit concerning that he and his site disappeared from the internet. But, fear not, he’s still doing well and his tabs are still available here on this spammy-looking but apparently Dom-approved site (thanks to @UkeGap for the info).

Choan Galvez has a new series of tabs for ukulele duets. You can keep up to date with the videos on his YouTube and tabs on his Patreon.

Turns out ukuleles can prevent your political opponents from censuring you. Which might be why Tulsi Gabbard is getting into it.

Busker has his violin returned after the thief realises it’s not a ukulele.

This guy knows how to party.

Billie Eilish busts out her uke on Carpool Karaoke.

1926 ukulele group.

Stargirl sees the return of the manic pixie ukulele girl.


I launched the Uke Hunt Patreon last month and I’ve been knocked out by the number of people that have just straight in on back. A huge thanks to those people. It’s really spurred me on to keep producing this month. Particular thanks go to Tenor backers:

– Douglas.
– Joseph Freeman.
– Nancy.
– Pauline Leblanc.
– Poweredbyjoy.

Patreon posts in the last month include:

– Preview tabs for What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor and Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.
– Tabs for as many of my Instagram “seven second ukulele lessons” as I could gather.
– Patreon exclusive tab for With a Little Help from My Friends (for Concert level and up backers).
– And the ebooks How to Read Ukulele Tab and Ragtime Ukulele.

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