Friday Links: Warren Buffett, Adam Savage, Cassette Player Ukulele

The Black Friday sale on my tab ebooks is running. With up to 70% off until 2nd December.
– Tyrone & Lesley are crowdfunding their new record Have No Words.
Lil Rev is doing ukulele Zoom lessons. Next up on Monday is 1950s Chicago blues style playing.
Warren Buffett tells Goldman Sachs, “I can just say that, as my number of ukeleles has gone up, my net worth has gone up.”
Adam Savage builds a ukulele kit (The missing audio at the start is on his end, not yours).
Making a cassette player ukulele.
Northampton pub-goers band together to replace stolen antique ukulele
Poppy-themed ukulele raises funds for Royal British Legion
Auction of a ukulele signed by Jake Shimabukuro, John Cruz and Jack Johnson to raise money for Guitars in the Classroom.


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