Friday Links: RIP Rick Turner

Rick Turner, luthier and maker of the Compass Rose uke, has passed away. You can read fellow luthier Beau Hannam’s obituary for him here. And you can watch him playing some Django on one of his own ukes here.

– The Ukulele 2022 playlist is taking shape. With tracks from hip youngsters with a laissez faire attitude to capitalisation mxmtoon and BoyWithUke to classical pieces written by Philip Glass and Davide Tammaro.
– Jack White has taken to sharing the stage with a life-size sculpture of a guy playing the ukulele.

Window Shopping
Kala Release their “April 1st Exclusives”
Flight Aqua A10QM and Flight Pathfinder solid body electric.
Southern Ukulele Store run down some very handsome Kanile’a ukes.
Grateful Dead uke with an insane price tag.


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