Friday Links: Robot Overlords, NFTs and Margaritaville

After Scott Morrison’s ill-advised ukuleling, the uke became a bit of a running theme in the Australian election with ukulele leaflets and losing MPs being dispatched by a ukulele robot overlord.

A bunch of ukulele groups have been doing great work raising money to aid Ukraine. If you want to give some direct help, give some support to Kharkiv-based ukers Alcohol Ukulele.

Martin have revealed a new range of tenor ukuleles.

Inevitably, NFTs have hit the ukulele world in form of UkeHeads. Like most NFTs, they’re hideous, procedurally generated monstrosities. But they do give you a chance to play on James Hill’s next album.

On Video

– An imaginative retelling of Jimi Hendrix finding a one-string ukulele and falling from the sky.
Jimmy Buffett busts out his uke for a version of Margaritaville.


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