Radiohead – Karma Police (Tabs)

Radiohead – Karma Police (Tab)

I’ve written up quite a few Radiohead songs in the past. Now it’s time for the OK Computer track Karma Police.

Intro: Mostly picking out the chords with the thumb on the C-string and the middle and index on the E and A, respectively.

On the Eb chord there’s a nice addition of an F note making it an Ebsus2. To prepare for the change to that, fret the E-string, third fret in the first half of the bar with your little finger.

Verse: Sticking with the same picking for the verse. The only slightly tricky part here is the run down from the fifth fret in bar 12.

Bridge: I’m mostly using one-finger-per-string picking in this section until the last two bars. There’s a lot more moving around the neck in this section, with the transition between bars 17 and 18 being tricky (I flubbed that bit in the video). Which is the most Radioheady part of the song.

Chorus: Even more moving around here, but it’s less intense.

Solo: The solo takes its inspiration from the bass line. There’s lots of scope for your own ideas here.

After that, it’s another run through the chorus and a fade out with a little of Freakshow Industries’ Backmask added.


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