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Friday Links: Human Hair Strings, Revelations and Wigging Out

Meghan Trainor is playing a uke with strings made of human hair to promote some hair goop. Kala have teamed up with British luthier Pete Howlett to create The Revelator. Ukulele duo, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer have a musical All Wigged Out about Marcy’s cancer diagnosis. You can read an interview with the pair […]

Green Day – Basket Case (Tabs)

Green Day – Basket Case (Tab) Back to my era with a tab of Green Day’s Basket Case. It’s a very simple song. Other than bars 27-28, it’s all first position beginner chords and a straightforward melody. The only thing that makes it difficult is the tempo. So be sure to practice slowly and gradually […]

Riffs and Solos: Beastie Boys, Outkast, WILTY?

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean Would I Lie to You? Theme Sublime – What I Got (Solo) Blackpink – Pretty Savage

Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Tabs)

Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Tab) Hold on to you hairpieces, I’m covering a song while it’s still popular: Miley Cyrus’s recent hit Flowers Intro: Just picking out a Cmaj7 chord. Verse: Nothing too difficult here. Mostly standard chords and a melody in the first position. Chorus: Here’s where it gets tricky with a lot of […]


Watch on YouTube Tracklist Max & Veronica – Dirty Mother For You Andy Eastwood and Peter Moss – William Tell Overture Uke Heads – The Night Taimane – Phantom of the Opera Jenifer Cabrera – Chega de saudade Jake Shimabukuoro & Andrew Molina – Toastmaker's Revenge Charming Disaster – Monsters Danny Yau – Neurotica outro […]

Dooley Wilson – As Time Goes By (Tabs)

Dooley Wilson – As Time Goes By (Tab) As Time Goes By is most famous for its inclusion in Casablanca. But the song was written a decade earlier by Herman Hupfeld for the long forgotten musical Everybody’s Welcome. Intro: A quick campanella intro. There are a million things you could do here. Verse: The slow […]

Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now (Tabs)

Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now (Tab) Today it’s one of the rare cheerful songs I like: I Can See Clearly Now. I worked from the original Johnny Nash version but I’m more familiar with Jimmy Cliff version so a bit of that might have snuck in. I’ve tried to keep the arrangement […]