Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Tabs)

Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Tab)

Hold on to you hairpieces, I’m covering a song while it’s still popular: Miley Cyrus’s recent hit Flowers

Intro: Just picking out a Cmaj7 chord.

Verse: Nothing too difficult here. Mostly standard chords and a melody in the first position.

Chorus: Here’s where it gets tricky with a lot of movement up and down the neck.

Unusually, the chorus starts out with a rest. From there, it’s straight to the hardest bit of the piece with the hammer-on between bars 15 and 16 (I make a horlicks of it myself the second time around).

Next in bar 16 is octave slide which is a nod to the song’s bass line.

And another challenge in bar 22 with a hammer-on and pull-off run.

Bridge: A mercifully easy section to recover from the chorus.


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