Iggy Pop – The Passenger (Tabs)

Iggy Pop – The Passenger (Tab)

Iggy Pop’s The Passenger is a straight-forward basher. There’s the same chord sequence the whole way through:

Am – F – C – G

Am – F – C – E7

The E7 chord is a bit of an oddity. In my arrangement I’m avoiding playing the g-string (by muting with my thumb) to keep the chord ambiguous as the whether it’s major or minor.

Later in the song (starting on bar 48) the melody hits a G note which clashes with the Ab in the E7 chord. So in those cases, I’ve substituted in a G chord to make it sound more natural on the uke. And I’ve stuck with that G chord in the final chorus as well.

The one slightly fancy touch comes in the second half of the intro (bars 5-8). This riff based on the lead guitar part which I thought it deserved showcasing.


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