The Smiths – Panic (Tabs)

The Smiths – Panic (Tab)

A version of Panic tribute to Smiths bassist, Andy Rourke.

Intro: A short jingle-jangle intro. I originally played it an octave up to accommodate the original. But this version is much easier to play and keeps the vibe of the original.

Verses: The verses are all very slightly different. The trickiest part comes in bar 17-18 with some quick triplets. The first will require a bit of alternate picking. The third verse starts using the g-string to play melody notes (beginning in bar 38).

Bridge: Keeping the barre across the strings even when you don’t need to makes this section easier to play.

Chorus: Even more melody notes on the g-string in this section to keep it rocking. Plus the chords are a little more filled out with a G between the C and D.


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