Brandi Carlile – You and Me on the Rock (Tabs)

Brandi Carlile – You and Me on the Rock (Tab)

Here’s my take on Brandi Carlile’s Joni Mitchell influenced and very catchy You and Me on the Rock.

Intro: The Mitchell influence kicks in right away with a Big Yellow Taxi-esque strumming riff.

Verse: And continues with a wordy verse. It’s tricky to hit every note in the melody. So I’ve taken a few liberties. Don’t stress to much about hitting every note and string exactly.

Chorus: Things calm down a bit in the chorus. And I move from strumming only to include more picking. Even with the picking I’m doing a bit of “flick up” motion so I stroke the next string along. Making the note softer but still supporting the main melody.

The chorus ends with a bar of 2/4 but it flows naturally.

Bridge: There’s a short bluesy lick leading into the bridge introducing the more minor feel with the addition of Eb (the first chord outside the bog-standard I-IV-V in the rest of the song).

Outro: The outro is cut down from the original so it’s just the second half of the chorus.


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