Night of 100 Ukes

title.jpgMy belief that the ukulele is a force for goodwill between all in the world rivaled only by industrial quantities of marijuana took a beating today. It was reported that kids at a school in Guam were using ukulele’s to smuggle implements of destruction to mutilate fellow (willing) classmates with. There are no shortage of people who value the uke for it’s noggin’ battering qualities. Thou shalt not use ukuleles to get into girls’ pants/Use it to smash over their heads.

My faith, however, has been restored by Night of 100 Ukes. If you’re headed to the Isle of Wight’s Bestival this year, you can get yourself on stage by grabbing your uke, signing up on their MySpace and learn to play Ring of Fire.

Also appearing there will be face-painted, Scotch uke superstars The Bobby McGees, 100 Ukes organisers The DUC and a whole host of other exciting acts.

But, unless you’re willing to hang around suspicious looking guys with pencil mustaches and trench coats, you can forget it. Today it was announced that Bestival has sold out. It won’t be long until they, like Glastonbury, institute a ticket allocation process requiring a quest similar to solving the Da Vinci code.

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