Fat Fingers

title.jpgAs I mentioned before, even professional writers are unable to spell ukulele correctly. So, it’s no surprise that humble eBay sellers get it wrong too. Luckily, there is a way to exploit the illiteracy and carelessness of others for your own greedy, money-grubbing ends.

Fat Fingers searches eBay for spelling mistakes in any item you care to type in. For ‘ukulele’, Fat Fingers will search for understandable misspellings (ukelele, ukulelee), typos (ukuele,ujulele) and some quite staggeringly unlikely results (wkulele, ukylele). The idea is that such items will pass by everyone else and you’ll be able to snap it up as a bargain. Having said that, I wouldn’t trust someone who thinks ‘ukulele’ is spelled with a ‘w’ to tie their shoes, nevermind post a uke to me.

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