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Shigeto Takahashi – Goofus (Links fixed)

Shigeto Takahahi – Peanut Vendor

Shigeto Takahashi went down a storm when he played the New York Uke Fest this year. Michael DaSilva was so impressed that he has decided to sponser him with a DaSilva soprano.

After I mentioned him in an earlier post, Shigeto got in touch with me and was kind enough to point me towards his mp3s and to answer a few questions.

shigeto2.jpgWhat made you want to play the ukulele?

The famous Japanese comedian Takagi Boo played ukulele. The pure sound moved me and I started playing ukulele to share the sound many people.

Who are your musical inspirations? Which ukulele players do you admire?

My ukulele and life mentor is Takuji Mori. His teacher is Haruhiko Haida from Hawaii. My favorite musician is Japanese pianist Fujiko Hemming and my ukulele hero has been Herb Ohta for 15 years.

Haruhiko Haida, it should be pointed out, almost singlehandedly introduced the ukulele to Japan and was the first person to record Herb Ohta.

Did you enjoy playing at the New York Uke Fest?

I enjoyed playing at NYUF very much. I also performed in a cafe and in the NY street too. Some people just passed without me, some people smiled and said, “Thank you,” to me, some gave me tip. When I played the old American song Goofus, an old couple stopped and gave me a tip. I saw the tears in the lady’s eyes. She said they ware musicians too. I was so impressed. I’ll never forget them: her tears.

You can hear more of Shigeto’s music, as well as see pictures and videos, here

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  1. nobo May 28th, 2007 10:39 am

    hi, the two mp3 links don’t work. Need “.mp3” at the end :
    Thank you for your blog!
    (excuse my english : i’m french)

  2. Woodshed May 28th, 2007 12:21 pm

    Thanks very much for pointing that out, nobo. The links are fixed now.

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