UkuLady Chordsies

Warning: Some of these songs contain language and themes not suitable for children. The others contain language and themes not suitable even for drunk Russian sailors.

The UkuLady’s hilarious songs are a regular highlight of YouTube’s stream of uke videos but it turns out I was familiar with her work long before YouTube was a glint in geek’s eye. She earns a crust as a voice-over artist and is responsible for the heavily bleeding nurse Lisa Garland in Silent Hill and the babbling teenage girl in The Sims 2. But on to more important matters.

I love these songs so much I couldn’t help but work out a bunch of them. Transcribing these songs was made considerably more difficult as I broke down laughing at regular intervals. So if I’ve got something wrong, that’s why.

These songs are played in d-tuning (aDF#B), so if you’re a C-er tune up to play the chords as written or ignore my chord diagrams and play your regular chord shapes.

The mp3s of these songs (along with many more) are at UkuLady Songs and be sure to visit UkuLady’s UkulUniverse.

UkuLady – Oops! (Chordsies)

UkuLady – Oops! (mp3)

The great thing about this song is that it becomes topical every time Britney has another breakdown. It’ll never get old.

UkuLady – Poor Lindsay Uke (Chordsies)

UkuLady – Poor Lindsay Uke (mp3)

Part of the Poor Starlet triptych and my favourite UkuLady song. It reminds me of the old folk song John Henry but instead of a guy dying attempting to keep up with a steam hammer, it’s Lindsay Lohan becoming broke and doing irrevocable damage to her lady’s garden attempting to keep up with Paris Hilton.

UkuLady – Another Love Song (Chordsies)

UkuLady – Another Love Song (mp3)

I enjoy the non-comedy numbers she does. This one is really sweet.

UkuLady – Different Strokes (Chordsies)

UkuLady – Different Strokes (mp3)

A kick ass song from the 80’s.

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