The Saturday UkeTube

A very good week for ukulele performances. I usually try to restrict myself to four or five videos. Couldn’t do it this week.

Michael Wagner – Spooky Uke

Was on Ukulele Disco, now on YouTube. Thanks to Paul for drawing my attention to it.

The Bilgewater Brothers – Dream A Little Dream

Some of the sexiest dancing I’ve ever seen. You can see more of the Southern California Ukulele Showcase on LAist.

Darren Hayman – Out of Season

Hefner frontman turned ukulele miserablist.

Sminsok – Town Living

Craig Robertson – She Likes To Pull The Wings Off Flies

Various – Worldukulelensong for Freedom

Clips of ukulele playing were collected by Gallier who then mashed them all up together. I’m sure you’ll recognise many of the names – particularly the last one.

UkuLady – Octocado

You can also check out a new Ring My Bell video on her vlog.

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