Jacob Borshard

Grass Stains (mp3)
You’re In Love Again Dirty Version (mp3)
Brains, Brains (mp3)via creebobby.com

Jacob Borshard has a few celebrity fans me (obviously), Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Borshard won a song contest for the film Music and Lyrics (allegedly judged by stars of the film Grant and Barrymore) with the song Grass Stains. As a promotional tool, it easily beat the film’s other promotional gimmick: make your own 80s glam band.

After winning the contest, he made this sexy video for it – entirely by himself and without even a digital camera – and earned himself a restraining order barring him from, “Portland Public School property or any adjacent sidewalk for one calendar year,” while shooting it. (NOTE: if the police start asking you why you’re hanging around a school, “I’m making a video,” isn’t the best defence.)

It’s easy to see why they picked Borshard as the winner. His songs are full of charm, witty lyrics and adorable melodies. Those three so often go along with the ukulele.

You can download both of Borshard’s albums entirely free on his website. The lyrics for the Last Brontosaurus album on his site also have the chords for all the tunes and you can pick up the chords for a couple of tunes in a more easy to follow form on Mike’s Ukulele Page.

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