The King Blues

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This ukulele kills fascits.

In a world where popstars fly halfway around the world in their private jets to tell us not to leave our TVs on standby, you’d be forgiven for dismissing any musician with political pretentions. The King Blues are a polemical, left-wing, ska-punk band who have been mainstays of the London squatter scene. They have three advantages over these acts: they seem to practice what they preach; they have songs called Fuck You Bono and Fuck Bob Geldof; they have a ukulele.

Their political credentials are boosted by the support of, left wing activist and writer of Pirates of the Caribbean, Tariq Ali. According to Ali, The King Blues make, “rough, radical music that should unsettle the rulers of this country.” I’m not sure exactly how much weight Gordon Brown places on the opinions of the UK’s ska-punk squatter scene when setting policy, but I did hear he consulted with Ramraid the Offy on the decoupling of payments under the Common Agricultural Policy.

Buy Under the Fog (if you can stand to do something so capitalist)

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