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Revolution is in the air again in Boston. Not content with the seditious act of adding tea to water, Viva La Revo-UKE-tion will be kicking off on Monday with the fantastically named The East Boston Make-Out Club Band, the equally fantastic but more boringly named Michael Wagner, Ed White and Ian Schwartz. All you non-Massachusettsians can check out TEBMOCB’s Davina Yannetty on next week’s edition of MUD. EDIT: I’ve been chided for failing to mention that they’re raffling off a homemade uke.

Win yourself a Bushman ukulele. All you have to do to enter is upload a video of you playing ukulele to YouTube and mention the competition at the beginning of the video. Have a go if you think you can beat this.

Chuck Moore makes some gorgeous ukuleles and lives in even more gorgeous surroundings.

Can anyone on the correct side of the Atlantic tell me what the deal with the Nalts ukulele freak is?

Fin Raucous: not just the toast of the ukulele world.

Gina Gershon koaloha ukuleleKDUS does more great work, bringing us Bugs Bunny on the ukulele.

Uke Gal tackles a couple of golden oldies and meets Jake S.

dev hynes test icicles ukulele mahalo guardianGiggity, giggity, giggity. Just look at those curves. God, I’d love to run my fingers up and down that neck. Those KoAlohas are hot. Oh, and Gina Gershon is in the picture too. (via the New York Post, MANY thanks to Uncle Budd for that one).

Former Test Icicle and current Lightspeed Champion, Dev Hynes with a Mahalo in The Guardian.

Old Blue Bus has mp3s of Miss Ada Powers on the uke and her family.

How do you stop feedback from an ukulele pickup?

No pain, no gain.

Suggest lyrics for a ukulele/fez song and join Howlin’ Hobbit in the Order of the Fez.

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