Danse Macabre (Tab)

Saint-Saens – Danse Macabre (Tab Redux)

I first tackled this tab way back at the beginning of the blog and have long wanted to give it another stab. Now nine years later here’s my attempt. I’ve left the original version below so you can judge for yourself if I’ve improved at all in the last decade.

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2007 Version

Danse Macabre (Tab)


The main theme starts in bar 9. I’ve arranged this so that all the notes ring into each other and create a spooky Gm9 chord. It gets tricky, suitably enough, in bar 13 when the tune switches up a notch. I play the note at the fourth fret with my third finger giving me just enough time to barre my first finger across the third fret. Moving down is easier; you can use the open string to give you time to get the chord shape ready.

Check out Mary Martin’s version on MUD.


Conor Brown made this version of the tab:

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