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ukulele school guardianThis week, The Guardian ran a story about the ukulele viciously murdering the recorder in schools. It’s run similar stories before but, for some reason, this one took hold and was picked up by BBC TV and radio, The Telegraph and even made it’s way across the Atlantic to the hipsters at Idolator. Kudos goes to Andy McSmith of The Independent for mentioning living people who play the ukulele.

Speaking of the Beeb, they have a sweet little clip of Ukulele Bob discussing meeting his wife and strumming uke. Non-UK folks will have to content themselves with reading Ukulele Bob putting the world to rights about ukes not being small guitars (and Howlin’ Hobbit setting the world to rights about the different sizes of uke).

Jonathan Coulton buys his first ukulele and puts the Doifter out of a job.

tiny ukulele hula girlLiverpool may have the world’s largest ukulele, but there’s a new contender for world’s tiniest ukulele. You can follow the progress of this ukulele girl and her magnificent hair, and see some fantastic Tiki carvings, on The Leeward Lounge.

Al Gore may be getting the Peace Prize, but it’s ukers who are really saving the environment.

KPFK have a month show called Ukulele Spotlight. Recent guests have included Uke Hunt favourites Janet Klein and the UkuLady.

Gym Class Heroes drummer Matt McGinley on uke.

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