The Elected – At Home (Time Unknown)

The Elected – At Home (Time Unknown) (Chords)

It’s getting difficult to work out exactly what independent bands are independent of.

Anyhoo. This is a short little ukulele ditty that cropped up at the end of The Elected’s Sun, Sun, Sun album. The song is only 40 seconds long but it packs plenty of chords in. There are even three different F chords in it. If you’re not comfortable with the more difficult shapes, you could use the standard open F chord for all of these.

The trickiest part to get right is the ending. There are some quick changes between C and F with the final F being played half way up the neck. For the final change, play a C chord then start to slide your third finger up the neck. You have to be quite accurate and stop at the 8th fret. Once it’s there, barre your first finger across all the strings and strum the chord.

Requested by Suzanne

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