Mirah – Million Miles

Mirah (or ‘Yom Tov’ to her mum) was the first act that I ever got into solely because of the internet after I heard the epic Cold, Cold Water on SixEyes (it’s still available that post if you want to download it – and you do).

Million Miles is markedly less epic, but it does feature a ukulele.

mirah million miles ukulele tab

The riff slides around a great deal which makes it tricky to play. All the notes are played with the first finger barred across all the strings. You have to use just the right amount of pressure so your finger is loose enough to slide smoothly but tight enough so you can hear the note.

It’s also a challenge to get the timing right. For example, the slide between bars two and three. You have to hit the fifth fret right on the first beat of the bar – and also play G string at the same time.

If all that’s a little too advanced for you, the chords she plays in the strummed section fit over the whole song.

Mirah Million Miles Ukulele Chords

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