Christmas Ukulele: Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells (Tab)

Jingle Bells (mp3)

A fairly simple tab, this one. In the verse, the melody is fingerpicked and the strummed chords are fitted around it.

There are a couple of tricky little bits. The first is ‘on a one…’. Here you have to use your index and middle fingers to play the same note three times in quick succession. The second is in bar 15. I think it’s all the John King around at the moment that made me tab it like this. Here are a couple of easier possibilities:

Jingle Bells ukulele tab

The chorus is just strummed chords. The basic chords are written above the tab. Most of the melody notes are contained within the chords but there are a few occasions where the chords have to be changed slightly to accommodate them.

When I was recording, I improvised the rhythm rather than playing it exactly as it’s tabbed. I suggest you do the same.

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