Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Tab)

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear me, Happy Birthday to me.

I turned thirty today which makes me officially over the hill. If we were in a Logan’s Run-style future my palm-light would be blinking and I’d be running for my life – pausing only to make out with Jenny Agutter. But until the planet comes to its senses and instigates such a policy, I’m free to amble around telling youngsters how everything was better in the auld-times.

I know you’re all planning a huge surprise party for me later, so I won’t go on. I just wanted to post my tab of Happy Birthday so you can all play it to me at the party.

It also happens to be the birthday of Martin ukuleles tomorrow.

According to here, the traits of Sagittarius are:

* Fun
* Optimist
* Good-natured
* Sociable
* Spiritual
* Impatient
* Fears responsibility
* Self-indulgence
* Fanaticism
* Peter Pan syndrome
* Tendency to gamble

A terrible description of me, perhaps a better description of Martin ukes.

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