The Saturday UkeTube

Far too many videos this week. A couple of Hawaiian masters, a ukulele/melodica cover of Beck, GUGUG, a bit of English folk music, loads of other stuff. Click More to see them all.

Ohta-San – Where Is My Love Tonight

The Be Arthurs – Think I’m In Love

Carl Ray Villaverde – Tears In Heaven

Working on a tab of this one already. You can find a very early version in the Rag Bag.

WS64 – Mr Sandman

Snake Suspenderz – Dr Hokum & Mr Jive

puzzmod – Water of Tyne

I love a bit of traditional English folk music. I wish more people sang like this.

Mattiniero – The Whistling Ukulele Troubadour

Jules – Jolene

I think Jools Holland would be much improved if it was filmed by a team of five year olds. Sound certainly would.

GUGUG – Destination Venus

The Jack Lords – 6 Months on a Leaky Boat

Watch the full session on MUD.

The Re-Entrants – Tainted Love

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