Final Fantasy IX – Ukulele de Chocobo

Ukulele de Chocobo (Chords)

Final Fantasy is one of those games that completely passed me by and I’ve never actually played any of the Police Academy sized oeuvre. What didn’t pass me by is the fact that ukuleles crop up in the ninth version of the game. Ukulele de Chocobo is the tune that starts playing every time you jump on board a Chocobo (like getting a piggy back from Big Bird). You can hear it in the game itself here. That clip also has Aloha de Chocobo – another uke tune which I’ll probably work out sometime.

I’ve written up the chords in tab form – to give you a better idea of where the changes come. In the original key, the melody goes a little too high for comfort on the uke:

Ukulele de Chocobo (Tab)

It’s much more comfortable if you shift it down five frets:

Ukulele de Chocobo (Tab in G)

If you want to play the accompaniment to this version, you’ll have to transpose the chords from C to G.

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