Friday Links

Des Cordes et du Bois is a French ukulele tab blog with some really good arrangements. Plenty of classical music and theme tunes.

This week’s Uker Tabs: Tom Dooley and Smokey & the Bandit.

John King is really pumping out the blog posts now. His latest covers the Hawaiian royal family and their ukes and is as fascinating as ever.

Thanks to the leap year, you have one last chance to win yourself a Kala KA-S by entering Ukulele Underground‘s contest. All you have to do is post a reply to this thread. Oh, and say, “I was referred by Uke Hunt,” or words to that effect.

Ukulazy is a new Tumblr blog linking to uke related webbery such as’s ukulele tag radio and the ukulele vs. guitar debate on Hey, Monkeybrain!.

If you haven’t visited the German ukulele tab site for a while, get over there and see what’s new. My favourite is the tab of Roy Smeck’s Magic Ukulele Waltz.

If you missed it in the last post, you really must check out the latest latest Da Silva made Santo and Dias ukes.

The latest Magnetic Fields album is completely lacking in ukuleles, but Stephin Merritt performed a ukulele version of The Nun’s Litany on Fair Game (along with This Little Ukulele). You can pick up the mp3s here. Other uke songs around the mp3 blogs: Arms on i guess i’m floating (thanks to Humphrey for that), The King Blues on Mainstream Isn’t So Bad.

Can kittens and ukuleles make you happy? BankWest tests it out.

Amy Winehouse plays a ukulele at the Brit Awards (sort of).

Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony, Bridget Jones’s Diary) unveils her ukulele machine.

Eskimo ukulele snow statue.

Ukulele Hero III: a disappointment to chickens.

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