Hellogoodbye – Oh, It Is Love

Hellogoodbye – Oh, It Is Love (Chords)

Hellogoodbye’s Oh, It Is Love is a very popular tune with uke players. There are a bunch of ukulele covers of it on YouTube. There are many instruments moving in and out of the tune including banjo and mandolin, which are in ukulele territory.

I got a request, ages ago, from Emily asking for tab of the twiddly bits in the song. So, here’s a few.

This is the high part played on the mandolin in the first few lines:

hellogoodbye mandolin tab

The part that accompanies the verse is played slightly differently by each instrument. This is a sort of uke-ified version of it:


hellogoodbye banjo ukulele tab

If you’re feeling adventurous, using those higher versions of the B, Bbm and Am7 chords in the verses sounds very effective.

In the first little instrumental interlude, that part is followed by the mandolin going like this first time (but an octave lower):


hellogoodbye mandolin tab

And this the second time:


One last bit, for good measure. This little mando lick occurs at around 1:30


hellogoodbye ukulele tab

Even if you’re not planning on learning the song, it’s definitely worth taking a look at that last lick as it’s a bit of a cliche and can be used in many situations.

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