Erika Eigen – I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper

Erika Eigen – I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper (pdf)

This song has been a theme tune twice over. It was used in the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange and, more recently, featured in a Marks and Spencer’s ad. The ad features some of the world’s most beautiful women and Myleene Klass (Heather: I’m doing it just to wind you up now) doing what supermodels do: watering plants in unusual positions, playing golf in their undies and ensuring the smooth passage of sea-going vessels.

If there’s not enough uke in this version for you, the song was covered to great advantage by Shorty Long (the ukulele heroes rather than the R&B guy).

The chorder is a classic retro-20s/30s chord progression. It’s definitely worth setting the sound of this one to memory. You’ll hear the turnaround section (“I’ll polish his lamp…”) all over the place.

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