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I’m embarking on a new mini-project on the blog. I’m going to list the definitive ukulele songs – the one’s most associated with the uke – and the definitive versions of those songs. If you’ve got any ideas about what should be included, leave a comment.

There’s a really great little feature of Mike DaSilva in his workshop. It’s fascinating to see how much care and attention he puts in to making the ukuleles and how fondly he talks about what he does. (A big thanks to Jeff for drawing my attention to it).

The latest episode of Ukulele Spotlight (mp3 link) is a killer with performances by Tippy Canoe and Uni and her Ukelele. There’s also a new Ukulele Spotlight website in development including instructional materials and backing tracks to jam along with (Thanks to Dave for that)

Performances from the Stockholm International Ukulele Festival

This week’s Uker Tabs: Paul Williams’ Give A Little Love (from the Coke ad) and Going to Resistencia.

Ukulala answers those burning uke questions from a urinal cake taste tester and an 18th Century English Lord among others.

Bill Tapia discusses his 100th Birthday gig.

Dubby Kirk and his ukulele get top marks on the Gong Show (it was like Pop/American Idol but the judges were forced to sit behind signs detailing what they like in bed).

Uke mp3s: Rock Insider has Ema and the Ghosts, What to Wear During an Orange Alert has Arms and ninebullets has the UkeJill endorsed O’Death.

ezFolk’s ukulele girl now flogging term papers.

You can listen to the statistically derived most wanted and most unwanted songs on UbuWeb. I was half expecting a ukulele to crop up on the most unwanted track but it’s edged out by the banjo. The most unwanted song is, predictably, brilliant and the most wanted is awful. Does nobody want humour in music? (Thanks to Dr J – you really should be reading his blog).

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  1. zym April 25th, 2008 9:17 pm

    what no ukertabs? ;)

    in terms of definitive ukulele songs, its a bit difficult. There are some obvious ones such as Ukulele Lady, Tonight you belong to me, & I’ll see you in my dreams.

    But there are also a load I (and some of my friends) associate with the ukulele, mainly because they’ve been floating round the internet long before your fine site achieved full world domination (and also because they are easy/fun to play) These include ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ and ‘Baby on Board.

    Also, as much as some people hate him, i think you have to include a couple of GF songs ive you are talking of definitive uke songs (either the one about the peeping tom, or the one about the stalker)

    …And finally, just to add my two penneth, I fucking hate ‘While my guitar gently weeps’!!

  2. Woodshed April 25th, 2008 9:29 pm

    Zym: Bugger, I knew I’d forgotten something. Fixed now.

    I’m with you on every song you suggested. George Formby definitely deserves a mention. I’m a fan of his music. I tend not to mention him on the site because there are real Formby obsessives out there who know much more about him and his techniques. I’ll have to include Window Cleaner.

    I wouldn’t say I hate While My, but I’ve heard it too many times. I’ll include Jake’s version though. It’s a very important part of the development of the ukulele.

  3. Jeff April 26th, 2008 6:50 am

    Perhaps this is out of place…

    Ukers in the San Francisco Bay Area there is the 15th Annual Ukulele Festival at the Old Sunset High School Quad and Auditorium in Hayward, California. It runs from 9:30am to about 5:00pm.

    Friends of Dominator would like to know that he’s one of the first acts to perform in the auditorium.

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