Ukulele Scales: Minor Scales

Unlike the major scale, there are a whole bunch of minor scales. For this post, I’m going to stick with the natural minor scale. The big advantage is that if you know your major scales on the ukulele, you don’t have to learn anything new. The notes in the A minor scale are exactly the same as C major, B minor is the same as D major. The minor scale has the same notes as the major scale three frets above it.

When you are improvising with these scales, make sure you emphasize the root note (A for A minor etc.).

As with the major scales, find patterns that start and end with the root note that can be moved up and down depending on which key you’re playing in.

A Minor
c major

A# (Bb) Minor
c# major

B Minor
d major

C Minor
d# major

C# (Db) Minor
e major

D Minor
f major

D# (Eb) Minor
f# major

E Minor
g major

F Minor

F# (Gb) Minor

G Minor
a# major

G# (Ab) Minor
b major

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