Stetson, Keykord, Maccaferri

The most interesting lot on eBay at the moment is this JF Stetson ukulele (almost certainly made by Martin). MGM currently has one for sale at $,1695 (although that one is in better condition and comes with pedigree).

Keykord Baritone. Unusual to say the least. It has a high-class version of those Maccaferri Islander lazy chord doodads.

Kala have added an unpainted mahogany model to their Archtop range. Very pretty.

And it’s not the only one, there are quite a few pretty ukes around this week: Dave Talsma concert, Island Traditions Curly Koa electric ukulele, 1930s Gibson and my personal favourite a Les Rietfors Concert ukulele (although they spell it “Rietforts”).

One uke I would class as pretty (even at the risk of being booted off the list) is this Boat Paddle uke. To me they look boxy and, well, like a boat paddle. Feel free to disagree with me.

Gosh, there are a lot of people searching online for Oscar Schmidt ukuleles at the moment. Probably due to the Jason Castro effect. You might be able to grab yourself a bargain with this Oscar Schmidt OU5LCE. It’s had the bridge ripped off it. But sticking a new one on isn’t a big job. Julia Nunes managed it.

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