Ukulele Orchestra on Radio 4 and more Links

Ukulele Tonya covers the Portland Ukulele Festival.

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain interviewed on Radio 4 and written about in the Daily Express.

Todd talks to GUGUG on Folkster’s Findings.

The Rip by Portishead on Uker Tabs.

MP3s: Dent May on Fantastic Avenue, Tada Tátá on Swedesplease, Ain’t Superstitious, But has George Harrison’s Rising Sun.

“lately all I do is talk about my ukulele, but I honestly love it more than life. sometimes I just hold it to my heart and sigh because I love it so. I think maybe I’ll be a good mother if I love an instrument this much?” Quote from probably the coolest girl on the planet.

Cecil Myers the dealer with a heart.

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