Jake and Bach, Pete Howlett, Ukes for Obama and other News

Jake Shimabukuro discusses JS Bach for a documentary and plays some stunning Bach uke.

Pete Howlett has a video series on how to build a ukulele.

Ukes for Obama: “a hub for ukulele players who share our desire for a better America.” Apply here for Ukes for Hilton.

Let’s Play Ukulele has been shut down after legal threats. Very worrying.

Uke Gal visits the Waikiki Ukulele Festival and hugs James Hill and Roy Sakuma.

The Ukulele Evangelist interviews Dale ‘Fluke’ Webb and Ken Middleton (and me in case you missed it).

Google have recently released their Wikipedia-killer, Google Knol. The idea, I think, is that one person writes the knol and others can come along and edit it. I gave it a test run and wrote one on ukulele history. I’ve left it fairly sparse, so feel free to add to it (and any inaccuracies you might find are there on purpose to get people involved, honest).

The Guardian’s Maddy Costa tests Sam Brown and Donal Coonan’s claims that you can Learn to Play the Ukulele in Under an Hour. (Thanks to John)

MP3s: Cover Me has Kirk Kelly’s uke cover of Springsteen’s Downbound Train, Guilt Free Pleasures has The Do’s Stay.

The UOoGB join the ukulele headgear crowd.

Hot for Words advises us to sell everything and invest in ukulele stock

Pineapple ukulele.

Uni and Her Ukelele and Her Ice Cream Truck.

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  1. King David Ukulele Station August 8th, 2008 4:44 pm

    Jake pousse le Bach plus haut…

    Ukulelia indiquait il y a quelques jours un article du NorwichBulletin consacré à Jake Shimabukuro, où l’on apprend que Jake enregistre un nouvel album qui proposera, à l’instar des impressionnantes prestations actuelles de James Hill, des duos…..

  2. Howlin' Hobbit August 8th, 2008 4:59 pm

    Marina, the hot for words gal, did a pretty good job of it. Except for placing the origins in the 18th century. That’s the same sort of confusion that led everybody to celebrate 1/1/2000 as the beginning of the new century (and millennium) instead of waiting for 2001.

    Guess they didn’t pay attention to Arthur C. Clarke.

  3. Carol (Uke Gal) August 8th, 2008 5:26 pm

    Woodshed and Ken Middleton,
    Congrats on some great interviews. I think they did a nice job. You both do such good work!
    Aussi, je suis heureuse que je peut lire le francais au-dessus. A bientot!

  4. Nelson August 8th, 2008 8:36 pm

    Well crud, alot of stuff this week!
    And it was nice to hear that bach arrangement on uke!
    I absolutely love that stuff, always looking for more to find (especially tabs!)

  5. Woodshed August 9th, 2008 11:00 am

    Hobbit: I think you could make an argument for its ‘origins’ being in pretty much any century. I’d say its origin is the first ever string instrument (whatever that was).

    Carol: Je suis, erm, le sad, non understane. Mon francais et le poo.

    Nelson: Keep looking.

  6. King David Ukulele Station August 12th, 2008 3:39 pm

    Uni, son Ukelele et ses crèmes glacées…

    On trouve des nouvelles de l’extraordinaire Uni and her Ukelele, dans le VenturaCountyStar (via ukehunt), où l’on apprend que la charmante chanteuse non seulement sert son show sucré au public mais aussi des crèmes glacées pendant sa tournée……

  7. Convergence « Panther Red November 26th, 2008 6:25 pm

    […] under Language, Music | Tags: etymology, hot for words, ukulele, Ukulele Hunt |   Thanks to ukulelehunt for this video of “Hot for Words” on the origin of the word […]

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