Will Smith and Stefan Raab – Men in Black

The video of Will Smith singing Men in Black with Stefan Raab on the ukulele has been knocking around the net for quite a while, but there’s been a spate of people posting about it. No doubt one of the big boys posted about Men in Black on the ukulele and all the two-bit bloggers without a single original thought drifting around the cacophonous wasteland that they seem to think constitutes a brain decide to do a post about Men in Black on the ukulele. So here’s my post about Men in Black on the ukulele.

There are only two chords in it: C#m7 and F#7. When you’re strumming, keep a constant up, down rhythm but hold and release the chords to get some short chord strums along with plenty of funky clicking.

Requested by edi.

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