Friday Ukulinklinks

Not a great deal to report on this week.

Aldrine is doing live ukulele lessons. If you missed the first one, you can find it here. On a related note, I’m changing the official Uke Hunt review policy while I still have some friends left: I’m not reviewing anyone’s music. I’ll be sticking to the usual Monday Exposure type thing from now on.

Play Well With Others wants to know your favourite jam tunes.

Play the ukulele on your iPhone.

UAS Warning: Secured Premises.

Is playing the ukulele just for girls?

Stark Online has a track from the new Rio en Medio album.

Amy Crehore is having a sale on her ukulele t-shirt.

Colin Murray (Radio 1 DJ) plays the new Oasis song on his uke (put down the plectrum, Murray).

Pilar Diaz ukes for Obama.

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