Friday Ukulelinks

A big thanks to everyone who’s written to me saying nice things about How to Play Blues Ukulele. I’m completely knocked out by how well it’s been received. There was one small hitch, a couple of the examples got lost somewhere. If you bought the ebook – you should have an email from me. If not, you can download them here:

Example 34
Example 35

That caused a bit of a mix up with a few of the track titles as well (the file names are correct but Examples 15 – 33 had the wrong names in the MP3). Sorry for any confusion caused.

On to the real uke news…

The US version of the ad for Wii ukulele. Just as bad as Wii ukulele ad #1.

Ukulele Tonya has a write up of the Wine Country Ukulele Festival and Uke Gal has one in the works. A few videos of the festival have cropped up and James Hill and Ralph Shaw‘s unusual duet is my favourite so far.

Chord charts for those weird people who are either left-handed or play baritone (or both).

Songsheet Generator: I couldn’t get the chord shapes to show in ukulele mode, but you might be more successful.

Buy an Amy Crehore t-shirt between now and Halloween and get a signed drawing – dang, wish I’d have waited.

Peter Delaney‘s EP Duck Egg Blue is now available outside of Ireland and Oslo. You can pick it up on his MySpace (which I’ve just done).

Strange ukuleles all over the place in this photo.

Lock your doors, the ukulele killer is on the loose.

Dent May‘s debut album announced.

Learn CSS with the ukulele. Everybody now, “H1 curly bracket property colon value semi-colon curly bracket…

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  1. Carol (Uke Gal) October 17th, 2008 5:36 pm

    Al, You totally caught me so now I better get this one going, huh? I’ll get right on it!

  2. Woodshed October 18th, 2008 5:37 pm

    Carol: I did rather blackmail you into it. Still, the ends justify the means ;)

  3. Carol (Uke Gal) October 18th, 2008 6:25 pm

    Al, the vagaries of time zone differences. I actually didn’t finish the post before I went to bed but figured that no one would look at it over night! It is ALL done now. Glad you put on the pressure! : )

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