Lacewood, More SpongeBob Ukuleles and Ethel Formby

Some ukes made of unusual wood this week. Kala have a new range of ukuleles with lacewood bodies and spruce tops including this concert and an eight string baritone. Then there’s this bamboo ukulele.

But you really can’t beat koa for a handsome uke. Just check out the grain on this Peter Bermudez and on the back of this KoAloha tenor.

Another week, another shape of SpongeBob SquarePants ukulele. This time it’s a pinapple ukulele. If The Simpsons is more your thing, there’s a pink ukulele featuring Maggie and Lisa.

Ukulele Photo of the Week: George’s kid sister Ethel Formby.

For fans of ukulele kitsch, there’s a ukulele dish.

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