Duke of Uke and Other Ukulele Links

The Duke of Uke website looks like it’s finally up and running. As well as the shop, there’s a bit of a blog thing going which is suitably Smeck heavy. If anyone’s looking for a birthday/xmas present for me, I’ll have one of these.

Julia Nunes will be appearing on the first ever YouTube Live along with Obama loving cavaquinho player Will.i.am, dipstick lesbian Katy Perry, baldy widdle-merchant Joe Satriani and OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111! The Mythbusters.

Kate Miccuci wins at puns.

Gnarls Barkley and Silent Night on Uker Tabs.

Vogue’s Roald Dahl/ukulele shoot. (Thanks Anne).

YuppiePunk has MP3s from and an interview with The King Blues.

Jacob Borshard comic strips.

Excessive hula dancing causes mass outbreak of nosebleeds.

How to meet Jake Shimbabukuro without trying.

Por onde andarĂ¡ Stephen Fry? Down a treacherous path in Hawaii with a ukulele player (uke commences around the 49 minute mark).

Careful, love, I can see your g-string.

A guitar that never grew up.

A ghost keeps bothering me with a ukulele song, what do I do about him?

Friday Timewaste: Flaming Lips game Xmas on Mars.

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