Friday Links

We’re back in business. I hope everyone had a good Xmas/New Year. Lots to catch up on.

Mike Hatter (aka hoosierhiver) has started a new ukulele company: Mainland Ukes. Julie from Ukulele Review took a visit to the shop.

After the ukuleles for libraries stories, Unshelved did a week long comic strip series on ukes starting here with a line I intended to steal at the earliest possible opportunity.

Jimmy of the Bobby McGees has been sharing his ukulele wisdom with videos about moveable chord shapes, the split stroke and plenty more.

Ken Middleton has recorded a fantastic entry to the ‘Collaborate with Yo Yo Ma’ contest. You listen to and vote for his entry here and get the tab for it here.

Curt Sheller has uploaded a bunch of his ukulele books to Scribd where you can read them for free.

I wrote a guest post telling guitar players to buy a uke on Jemsite.

Winner of the Bushman World and so forth Contest is announced. I’m even more baffled than I was last year. I can’t believe my choice of winner didn’t even get an honorable mention. Nor did my second favorite: Banana Phone. And this video deserved at least a mention for the animation alone. And no Seeso. Pffft. Atleast Boing Boing knows its shizzle from its pizzle.

Wilfried Welti compares ukulele strings.

On Uker Tabs: Sam has put up a whole load of King Blues chords and Bomb the Music Industry, Todd has Pink Floyd’s Is There Anybody Out There?, katreetrunk put up A Fine Frenzy’s Almost Lover and Arnaud provided us with Round Midnight. Thanks folks.

No New York Ukulele Festival 2009.

UkeToob interviews Howlin’ Hobbit.

Second edition of Ukulele Player Magazine.

Ukelele-bot (Via ilovefizzypop).

Amanda Palmer and Emilyn Brodsky jump on the ‘ukulele covers of The Cure’ bandwagon.

Anyone have any advice on building a ukulelecopter?

Flapper girls are the cat’s meow.

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