Kate Micucci/The Gooch – Mr Moon (Chords)

Kate Micucci – Mr Moon (Chords)

Hmm, not so keen on Kate Micucci’s Scrubs song this week (and Zach Braff literally phoned in his performance) but she does a very funny angry. So back to the cute/beautiful Mr Moon which made an appearance on the last episode.

Strumming Pattern Suggestion

Nothing taxing in the chords, but some of the changes come in unexpected places.

On the C Dm F G parts:

d – d u for each chord (but I like to do d u d u for the G chord)

On the C Dm F C parts, the F chord is half a best shorter. So you play d u d on the F chord then u on the C chord. Like this:

For the chorus d – d u will see you through the G and C chords. For the Dm chord, she gets a bit funky with it and doesn’t strum until the second beat. For example, the bar starts on the word ‘smiled’ but she doesn’t strum until the word ‘while. So you get this sort of strum pattern:

– – d – – u d u

On other parts of the song, she does play the first beat (with a down strum).

Phew! Let me know if this stuff is helpful to those of you wanting strum patterns – I’m still feeling my way around describing strum patterns.

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