UkeTube: Art Fowler, Caracol, Tinyfolk, JoCo, Dent May

A busy week this week. I’ve completely broken my 10 video maximum and left out some stuff I really liked. Those that made the cut include Emily Ritz, Dent May camping it up (again), Tinyfolk, daniellesmagic, a catch up with Caracol, and Sweetafton by herself and Kristen back with JoCo after – I imagine – a vicious ‘getcha hands offa ma man’ type cat-fight.

But my favourite this week is Art Fowler’s performance with Gene Austin. I’ve been trying to find some of his solo stuff to buy with no luck. But I did find a track on Internet Archive.

Gene Austin and Art Fowler -Everything’s Made For Love

Honeybody and the Moonbees (Emily Ritz) – Scars and Sores

daniellesmagic – Fool

Tinyfolk – In the Museum

Caracol – L’amour est un tricheur

Sweetafton23 – It All Makes Sense in the End

Jonathan Coulton & Kristen Shirts – Baby Got Back

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – “Howard”

moonkoen – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Jamie Drake – I Really Like You

Galt Line Workers – Trouble

Sunt1o – Monkey Island Theme

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