Friday Links

GoChords is a new web app for making your own chord sheets (for ukulele, baritone and guitar). If you’re going to the New York Uke Fest, you’ll be able to chat with them there.

New classical ukulele tabs site.

Armelle’s round the world trip of ukulele languages continues with Asia, the British Isles and Latin America.

Coldplay’s Yellow on Uker Tabs.

Fense Post has an MP3 of Tafra’s Oh, Daniel.

No idea what this site is, but it has a couple of useful pdfs.

Amy Worthen is giving away some Mad Tea Party goodies on her blog.

Warren Buffett’s ukulele lessons.

Even guitars have to get their hands on a ukulele.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Nunes: (v) Messing around (usually on a ukulele) when you should be doing something important such as an essay.

Playing the rusty ukulele: you don’t want to know what it means (besides, I think ‘playing the rusty Jews Harp‘ would be more apt).

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