Soko, Bruce Springsteen, Tripping Lily: UkeTube

It looks like Soko has retired from music making. Judging from her MySpace you’d think she’s given up on everything. But before that Shoot the Player recorded a session with her. Fittingly enough in a graveyard. If you need cheering up after that, check out StP’s session with the adorable Ben Lee and Tallest Man on Earth’s incredible version of Stepstone.

This week’s videos also include Tripping Lily (whose new album looks like it’s going to be a treat), Bruce Springsteen, Ukulele Ike (in a very strange clip) and Sarah Kinlaw continuing to be an astonishing songwriter.

Tripping Lily – You Say Hello

Ukulele Ike – Blame It On A Ukulele

Sarah Kinlaw – Wicked Ones

Bruce Springsteen – I Wanna Marry You

Hello Jodi – Busy Line

Todd Baio – Down By the Riverside

JenerallyxSpeaking – Curve to Your Smile

princesscago – She’s Got You

Soko – Why Don’t You Eat Me Now You Can

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