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Peggy Sue, Fairport Convention: UkeTube

Peggy Sue, Fairport Convention: UkeTube

It’s been four days and twenty hours since Peggy Sue got a mention on here. An oversight that must be rectified immediately.

Also this week is Fairport Convention (or what’s left of them) paying tribute to their ukulele heroes, Franny Deschanel’s best song yet, a bit of Justin Timberlake and plenty more.

Peggy Sue – Lover Gone

Franny Deschanel – Telescope

Shigeto Takahashi – Rhapsody in Blue

Mary Anne McTrowe – When You’re Away

Fairport Convention – Ukulele Song

How Can You Keep on Movin? – Max De Bernardi

Vertigo Smyth – Comfort Me

Thanks to Tony for pointing me towards that one.

Carter Moulton – New Ukulele Song!

Tender Forever – My Love

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