Saturday UkeTube

In a rare occurrence, the best video I came across this week doesn’t have a uke in – although I’ve read the band has a uke song. Despite that, Katzenjammer’s skiffle-tastic Ain’t No Thang is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my ears and eyes simultaneously. There are a million things I love about it and I’m very tempted to list them all. The song includes a bass balalaika solo. But that wouldn’t even top the list. I have to make it the featured video even if it is ukeless. I just wish their whole album was that raw.

Once you’ve watched that a few dozen times, this week’s UkeTube includes Izumi (who I’m 100% sure I subscribed to but somehow missed her stuff and had to be reminded by KDUS – to make up for it I included her twice), one of Jake Wildwood’s finest songs, Krouk blasting out the Smeckisms and plenty more.

Jake Wildwood – Brought My Mountain Down

IZUMI – Ke Ala Ka u i honi

Krouk – Smeck Ukulele Medley

Hello Jodi – Cruisin’

Sebi – Let’s Get Retarded

Ukulelezo – Cheetara’s Lament

imaybemeesh – Waltz of the Fireflies

Ricky Rod – I Wouldn’t Call It Love

Steven Strauss – Coppelia Waltz

IZUMI – O’ahu

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